The release of BUD!


What’s in this release?

Business Under Discussion capability

A new home for Dashboard

A new way to enter campaigns

Business Under Discussion (BUD)

BUD BoardThere is nothing more frustrating than trying to book a campaign and finding your inventory is booked. Double frustration if its not really a booking, just a campaign that might happen.

To avoid that, we have created BUD, Business Under Discussion. A new piece of functionality, allowing sales teams to enter all their leads and possible campaigns in one place and mark them in different stages, in likelihood of happening. Stage 1, not very likely, up to Stage 5, pretty much a booking!

BUD campaigns don’t block out inventory, so you can add as many as you like. They only book inventory when you convert them to WON. Perfect!

We have created some new posts for BUD, have a read through them, and they will explain how things work. its been designed to feel and work like a real campaign, but allows you to enter more speculative information.

If you’ve got a BUD in your BUD Board, and someone then books that inventory as a firm booking, you’ll be sent a message to say that inventory is no longer available to you. It’s first come first served I’m afraid!

A new Dashboard

DashboardBecause we have BUD and Live campaign dashboards now, we have created a new Dashboard, to show you what’s going on. A new control centre! It shows you messages, number of BUDs, campaigns live, what channels and how you’re doing against other people.

You can do a quick inventory check from here, start a new BUD, see all your BUD and Live campaigns at a glance.

If you need to get to your campaigns or your BUD, you can click the title of the two main blocks, My BUD and My Campaigns and it will take you to the BUD and Campaign Boards. Click on the image to have a closer look.

A new way to enter campaigns

BUD enter

Its probably best to start all campaigns as BUD, unless you have a firm order that you want to book out inventory for. Adding new BUD is the way to do it.

You enter the same details as before, but now you can create a campaign without having to add all the details. At this stage, you might not know the details. You may only know what channels, approximate spend and the likelihood of it happening.

Quickly add the details you do have, and give it a stage. And you’re done. Once you know a little more, come back and add in more details.