How do I add a channel line?

Every channel in mediaflow, needs to have channel line items. This is where the detail of the system is and where you can enter your campaign details for that specific channel.

To add a channel line for a specific campaign, simply click on the little blue pencil on the line item that sits in the channel.

Add a line item

Once you click this, it will ask you to name your line item, ask you for your market (where you’re based) and then the placement within the channel you want to advertise in. Placements update depending on the market, as some markets can;t do all differing placements due to the GDS provider for that country.

When inputting the market, just start typing we will produce a drop-down box of results, select which market you wish the channel line to be applicable to. The market is the point of sale, for instance if you wished to advertise free wifi for flights from the US with a particular airline, the market would be the United States.

market dropdown

Once you have confirmed the market then add the placement, options will differ depending on the channel but by clicking on the arrow, all options available will be displayed for you.

Placements dropdown

Finally you can add as many criteria as is necessary by clicking the icon to the right of the placement field. Add criteria icon
Select your required criteria and more data entry fields will appear below.

Once you begin typing in the origin and destination fields, mediaflow will provide suggestions. Select the origin/destination desired and the software will add them.

target criteria dropdown

To select a start and end date simply click on the entry field and a drop down calendar will appear. This is ALSO an inventory management check. More on that later

Inventory Management

Click on the date you would like the campaign to start/finish and it will fill in the entry field. You can’t select blocked out dates as a nother campaign with your targeting is already booked there. Click on the colours, you can see who has those dates booked!

Once this is complete you can enter a $ value in the field to the right of the Dates field.

You can then decide if you want the return journey to be booked with the little Return icon Return Journey

Finally you can add and remove channel lines in the same channel by clicking on either the + icon (add a new channel line) or the – icon (remove a channel line)  Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 14.37.11 .

If the details you have filled in for the two channel lines are the same, (same origin and destination in this case), the software will prevent you from entering the same dates again, you can’t double park with the built in inventory management checker!

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