My First Campaign

Welcome! The system has now moved into the UAT phase, so we have invited a few users to have a go and see what they think. There are still many things to be added, many things to be fixed and many new things that we haven’t thought of yet, but hopefully our user testers will!

To get started in mediaflow, its useful to understand it, at its highest level. You can read all of this, or you can watch this little video first, it might help. Click FULL SCREEN to be able to see whats going on.

Its called mediaflow, because it manages the flow of media from a sales conversation, right through to building the campaign, getting sign offs, uploading creative, getting it over to the people that load it up into the channels (GDS, newsletters etc) and then finally getting it invoiced! When you see a real campaign, you’ll see some circles across the top, THAT is the mediaflow. The circles fill up as the campaign progresses, so you can easily see where your campaign is at in the overall flow of things.

Mediaflow timeline

We have two concepts really, campaign summary information and then campaign channel information. Summary is just that, its the really highly level stuff, advertiser name, your name and some key information about the campaign. We update bits of the summary information with some details from the campaign channel information you put in. Things like dates, value of campaigns and number of channels in the campaign

When you enter the system you will be shown a dashboard. This lists, as default, all the campaigns available for you to view, any notifications you might need to attend to and the ability to search in the Recipe Search bar. (Oh and it tells you the city you’re based in and the weather, in case you cant see out of the window!)Dashboard

You can have a quick dig around in here, probably easiest is to click on the Recipe bar and then click on Total Campaigns (because its likely you wont have anything in My Campaigns yet). You’ll see all the campaigns you are allowed to see. If you clicked one, you’d get the Campaign Details view. Don’t do that for now though. Lets create a new Campaign.

Click on the Add New Campaign button to get started. New campaign button1

This is where you will need to refer to the documentation we have sent to you. See if you can create a new campaign, by adding a few details now. Campaign name is just a name that will easily allow you to know what the campaign is about. No complicated codes needed. Advertiser name is the advertiser who is placing the media campaign with you. Start typing, it will find who you need.

The advertiser contact is YOUR contact at the advertiser. If you don’t see who you are looking for, you can add them yourself. Look out for the Attention box and click the TICK for yes. You can also add internal contacts, these might be your media team, your ad ops team or even another sales person who is helping you with the campaign. Its handy to add them in here in case you’re on holiday and you need the campaign in appear in their My Campaigns list. If they are not in the system, ask for them to be added by emailing or speaking to your Administrator contactAdd new person





Add new campaign

Click START.

This next screen is the campaign details screen, you’ll notice it has very little information, but DONT WORRY, you’re about to add all the details now and things will start updating!

new campaign screen

You can see above two Channels have been added. GDS and Itinerary. Within them there is already a blank LINE ITEM (GDS0).

This is an important part of the system and you need to know one thing about channel line items. THEY CAN ONLY HAVE 1 SET OF ADVERTISING CREATIVE ASSOCIATED WITH THEM. So you can not create a channel line item that has targeting for say, free wifi between LHR and LAX plus LHR and JFK, if the ads you want to show for each route are different. You would need to create two channel line items for that specific example. That really is the only rule!

From here you need to add some details to the channel line item. Just click on the Blue pencil Blue pencil

Now you can add the details. Give your channel line item a name EG Free Wifi LHR – LAX. Put the dates of the campaign in, select your point of sale market and then the placements available to you will appear.

Channel Details

Select the placement you wish to advertise in. There is a criteria button next to the placements, its a cog. Click this. And you can then choose from a list of targeting criteria. Select one of these, and start to add the information. Again, start typing, mediaflow will work out what you are typing and offer some help. We recognise City, Airport codes and Airport names.

When you select dates for your campaign targeting, you will see the INVENTORY MANAGEMENT helper. It shows what else might be booked against the dates and route you are looking to book. Click on anything you see coloured in and it will tell you who’s campaign it is and let you see it, so you can speak to them about the inventory.

Inventory Management

Once you chose dates that don’t clash, it will lock them in and you can update the price for the campaign and click save. See that funny little circular look icon? Return Journey This means you are booking a return journey for this. You will get both legs of the journey for the booking. You can then add more criteria for the booking that relates to THAT SET OF CRITERIA. You could add several routes for your campaign to be targeted at. Check the Inventory when you select your dates.

The DARK BLUE BAR is really useful! Its called the NEXT BEST ACTION bar. It tells you what you’re next best action is for the campaign. Keep an eye on it, it helps!

Once you’re happy with your campaign and you have added all the channel line items you want and the criteria. You need to submit it for approval. You’ll see that in the Next Best Action bar once you save your content.

The next stage in the process? Once you’re happy, look at the Next Best Action bar and send it for approval. An admin will get a little Notification to tell them to check for it and once they do, you’ll get a notification in the system telling you its done and you’re Next Best Action will update.

Couldn’t find what you were looking for?

For further assistance please contact and we will help as soon as possible.