What is Business Under Discussion (BUD)

Business Under Discussion (BUD) allows sales people and managers to see what is likely to book and how much and in what channels, at a glance. It doesn’t mean your inventory is booked, it shows what is coming down the pipe! It allows sales teams to manage all of their BUD in one place and record what stage in the process those discussions are.

BUD Board

This means that ONLY BUD that has been moved to ‘WON’ will now be firm bookings in the system, blocking out inventory.

All campaigns should really start as BUD, in one of the 5 stages.

Stage 1 – 5% Likely to happen. You have probably had a conversation with a client, maybe sent an exploratory email to them about a campaign

Stage 2 – 25% Likely to happen. A client has seen your proposal and likes it and has asked for more details and more of a plan.

Stage 3 – 50% Likely to happen. You have probably had verbal agreement to your proposal and you are now sending back pricing and fleshing out the campaign in detail.

Stage 4 – 75% Likely to happen. The client is happy with your proposal, pricing is being discussed.

Stage 5 – 90% Likely to happen. The client is happy with your pricing and the elements of your plan and campaign. Its all but signed off, but is yet to have firm written confirmation.

Once your client has confirmed they are happy, you can drag your BUD over to the WON icon, it will now be converted into a campaign in mediaflow and the inventory will be blocked, others will not be able to book the inventory in your campaign.


If, sadly, you don’t think the campaign is likely to happen and you get a ‘no’ from the client, you can drag the BUD to LOST and give a reason for it being lost.

If you click on WON or LOST, you can see a list of all your BUDs that have been entered into these categories. You can also re-activate lost BUDs from these screens, if the client comes back and changes their mind.