What’s inventory management?

To speed up the process and stop us all booking campaigns into the same inventory for the same dates, mediaflow has an inventory management feature.

When you are entering a booked campaign, adding it as BUD (business under discussion) or just checking to see whats available for a client, the process is the same. When you enter the dates, the system looks dates, channel and targeting, to assess what’s already booked.

Its pretty straight forward, when you go to add the data for your channel line item, you choose a date. If the details you have given, are blocked by another campaign thats already taking that inventory, then the system will show you. Click on the coloured bars in the inventory manager to see the campaign that’s causing the issue.

Inventory Management


The image above is for a booked campaign.

If you’re just checking before booking, go to the dashboard and click the check inventory button (it’s highlighted by the green box below)

inventory checker page

Look below, you can see someone has checked for GDS, UK point of sale, on the air availability page, they have entered their origin and destination and once they click on the dates, you can see that in RED, someone else has booked this on those dates. To see WHO has booked it, click on the red. This ones Joseph

quick checker inventory